The Value of Corporate Entertainment

Providing value to clients and employees is not only limited to the accordance of financial and economic benefits, simple things or forms like corporate entertainment are great alternatives or complements. Contrary to conventions, such efforts may not only be used during corporate shows and big events but on almost all gatherings as well like regular sales meetings, corporate team buildings, seminars, trade shows, etc. There are a number of benefits when entertainment is induced in every corporate event, but the most pressing ones include the following.

Generate additional sales

Aside from the usual volume of sales generated through regular marketing efforts, product presentations and trade shows coupled with effective corporate entertainment can lure additional sets of clients or customers. Boring product or service presentations will surely be ignored in trade shows; on the other hand, an eye-catching comedy magician may have a livelier alternative in terms of presenting a product or service. In sales and marketing, drawing/calling attention from prospective clients and customers is the first step in closing a sale.

Improving relationships with clients and employees

Business matters are not totally serious matters. This is what successful and dynamic executives have proven recently, deviating from strict business conventions may eventually pay-off. Corporate entertainment may serve as a bridge between the company and a seemingly aloft and hard client. One valuable tip to gain the side or interest of a client is to touch or target his personal side. Targeting a client’s soft personal side most often would direct you to his or her childish or candid side. For example, if one of your corporate client’s business is about toys and gaming, light personal conversations concerning toys during a sales meeting will surely help.

Not only does a corporate entertainer helpful in improving relationships with clients but with employees as well. Aside from the monetary benefits that are regularly given to them, making each gathering or convention light, fun, and memorable would project a more “pro-employee” wellness commitment of any business or administration.

Enhances productivity and promotes learning

Psychologists and experts will prove that pure talk, technical, or “monotone” seminars and conferences are one of the most boring parts of a job, even if these events are held during trips or elsewhere. The average attention span of all individuals, even intellectuals are very short lasting for only a couple of minutes. If the conference or seminar speaker doesn’t recognize this fact and fails to induce lively corporate entertainment throughout the entire presentation, not much of the essential points are learned by the audience. Often times, the best way to teach is to deliver the lessons in a fun, unique, or memorable way.

Productivity may eventually come as a result of the improved working condition of employees in terms of making their stay in the company more fun and dynamic; That employees do not only carry the burden and work load, but also share with executives some congenial light moments.

Leaving a trade mark

With today’s very competitive business environment, even the smallest leverage that any business can have is an opportunity that needs to be seized. One important sales and marketing objective is customer service. And customer service is no longer limited to satisfying the needs of clients or customers, but it has now evolved and includes the ability of a business to offer additional benefits or be distinct and unique from its competitors, hence, corporate entertainment may set a product, service, or even the entire company above the competition.

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