What Is The Easiest Instrument to Learn?

When taking a closer look at musical instruments, many come to the conclusion that piano would be the easiest instrument to learn. However, this is a common misconception. Learning to play piano is not any easier than learning to play guitar, and although this often depends on the person learning to play, the real difference comes in the achieved level and expertise of an instrument.

I will be using guitars as comparison because other string instruments, such as violins and cellos, have been proven to take longer to learn, due to the complexity of the instrument. This applies also to the most of the instruments in the woodwind family.


Surely, many of you have sat around the campfire and someone has taken out a guitar and started to play. Generally, the music is great and everyone loves it, but the case is often that the “guitarist” only knows how to strum the guitar. Compare them to a flamenco guitarist, and you will see the difference. Anyone can learn to play guitar on a novice level with just a little effort and time. On the other end, learning to play guitar with the technique and expertise displayed by the Spanish “guitarristas” takes years to learn. Therefore, it depends on the level you want to achieve.


When it comes to pianos, it may seem like the easy option. Of course, this is a natural point of view, as even little children learn to play piano. There are even some child prodigies that play music Mozart, Beethoven and Bach composed hundreds of years before. This acts as fuel to the fire of viewing piano as the “easy instrument”. However, in reality, the amount of time all pianists spend on learning and mastering their skill is astonishing. This includes the child prodigies.

Some people find it exceptionally easy to learn to play any instrument, others specialize in just one instrument. There are people who find it unbelievably hard to learn any instrument. Despite the difficulty of learning, anyone can learn to play an instrument.


The general “10,000 hours” concept applies here.There are exceptions, albeit very few. Every person is different, in terms of musicality and they need to find their own instrument, but piano and guitar are the cheapest and easiest to start with. An adequate guitar can cost anywhere between $100 to $300. Amateur to professional guitars are dearer, up from $300 to thousands of dollars.

One should consider starting with a musical keyboard as they are portable, as well as a lot cheaper than actual upright and grand pianos. The usual price range is between $120 to $400.

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